Byrd School Clubs

Safety Patrol- students in 5th grade assist at the arrival/departure doors.  Ms. Gunset is the faculty advisor.

Morning Chorus- for students in 4th and 5th grades.  They arrive at school early on Tuesday mornings to meet with Mrs. Sattler, the faculty advisor. Start date is 10/30

Recorder Club- facilitated by Mrs. Sattler, students in 4th  and 5th grades meet early on Wednesday mornings to hone their musical skills.  Start date is 10/31

Computer/Maker-Space Club: interested 5th grade students meet in the Learning Center with Mrs. Jakobsen and Mrs. Hirsch for a variety of activities involving computers, coding, and engineering challenges.

Peer Mentors- facilitated by Mrs. Sattler this group of 5th grade students learn strategies to support the younger children in school during recess who may want a special friend or who would like help settling a simple conflict.  Starting in November.

Homework Club- students in third and fourth grades meet after school with Mrs. Kearns and a few 5th grade student volunteers for homework help.

Student Council- faculty advisors Ms. Quinlan and Mrs. Groszew meet monthly with elected third through fifth grade class representatives to spearhead school wide spirit days and organize charitable events.